Sacramento Sheriff’s Deputy Hospitalized Following Altercation with Suspect at Starbucks

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SACRAMENTO — A Sacramento County sheriff’s deputy was hospitalized following an altercation with a suspect at the Starbucks on Howe Avenue and Arden Way on Tuesday afternoon.

The sheriff’s department said they were called out for a report of a man possibly using drugs behind a dumpster in the area.

Deputies then received reports that a different man was inside the Starbucks challenging people to a fight.

Deputies went in to talk to the 31-year-old man and asked him to leave. He refused to leave and told deputies he didn’t have to listen to them.

Two deputies went to detain the suspect when he started fighting with them.

A deputy fell during the altercation and hit her head on a table or the floor, losing consciousness momentarily.

The other deputy was transported to an area hospital for observation.

The suspect was tazed and detained.