South Sacramento Church Rebuilding Almost Four Years After it Burned Down

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SACRAMENTO --The sound of construction is music to Sally Wong and Nick Morton's ears.

"It's been hard, it's been emotional," Wong said.

For almost four years, the board members at South Sacramento's Chinese United Methodist Church have fought an uphill battle to rebuild one of the oldest churches in the city.

"There's been a lot of ups and downs, unforeseen stuff on this entire project," Morton said.

The church was vandalized and burned down in 2012.

Last September, FOX40 first told you how Wong and Morton were frustrated while fighting to get the insurance money and city approvals they needed to start rebuilding.

After FOX40's story, they found out insurance would provide more than $200,000.

That was enough to demolish the old structure and start the foundation for a new one.

A mural of Jesus was the only thing that was left standing in the fire.

Now it's the centerpiece of construction of the new church.

"To me the message is 'anything is possible,'" Wong said.

Wong says it's because of the elderly congregation of mostly 80- to 100-year-olds that she's determined to bring a new place of worship to the original site.

"Going through all the red tape, I've done this for the people, for the congregation, for the community," said Wong.

They're doing it so the elderly congregants can enjoy a beautiful sanctuary again.

"We'll be able to greet the guests," said Wong.

They also want to make sure future generations have a place of worship for decades more.

"I've been hopeful all this years and now I just feel my faith has been reconfirmed," said Wong.

If all goes as planned, the church will be functional by 2017.