Stockton Police Investigating Suspicious Death of 2-Year-Old Boy

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STOCKTON -- Stockton police are investigating the suspicious death of a child after a 2-year-old boy was taken to a hospital in Pleasanton.

Police in that city revealed the boy may have been injured at the home where he lives in Stockton.

"Yeah it's really sad," said Gladys Gonzales, who lives in the Stockton neighborhood where it happened.

Stockton police said they originally got the call from the Pleasanton Police Department, after the boy's family brought him to Valley Care Hospital off Interstate 580. That's where the 2-year-old was pronounced dead.

Originally Pleasanton police thought the incident happened in Oakland, where the boy's mother told FOX40 she lives. But soon Pleasanton police say their investigation led them to a Stockton home on Diamond Oaks Street.

Neighbors say they often see children playing in front of the home.

"They're playing out in the yard. Riding on their skateboards and stuff, seems rather normal," Timothy Greenwood, said.

He said parents are normally in sight.

"They're normally standing on the porch watching them play, making sure they're not standing in the road," Greenwood said.

"I may have seen a 2-year-old or 3-year-old but I'm not really sure because there's been like four or five kids out here," said next door neighbor B.J., who said the family moved in just a few months ago. "I've given the kids like ice cream sandwiches, stuff like that, you know. But basically it's 'Hi' and nothing more."

Stockton police say they're waiting on an autopsy to determine a cause of death, and for now all officers are saying is the tragedy is suspicious.

Police are expecting that autopsy report either Wednesday or Thursday.