Sacramento’s First Significant Rain of the Season Makes Mess of Roads

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SACRAMENTO -- Wet weather arrived Friday in Sacramento.

The steady rainfall had already clogged some storm drains and forced people to take to the streets of downtown huddled under umbrellas, hidden under hoods and shielding themselves from raindrops.

The rainy day excitement faded for drivers on the freeway.

Slick roads created dangerous conditions which overwhelmed CHP officers with calls.

In one case, a white car spun out of control on I-5 near Laguna, slamming into a big rig and sending the car's driver to the hospital.

Farther north, flashing lights and stalled cars could be seeing in the shoulder of I-5 near Seamus.

One driver spoke to us moments after he said he crashed into the freeway's Center divider.

He wanted to remain anonymous as he explained what happened.

"I just went out of control and I ended up backwards, facing traffic, on the freeway," said the driver.

"Get some new wipers gotta be safe out there," said Robert Campbell.

Drivers like Campbell spent part of their rainy day trying to avoid those scary situations.

Campbell says he had to go to three auto shops just to find the new windshield wipers he needed."

"It's busy today," Campbell said.

Last minute preparations for the city's first real rainfall.

A day that one driver hope serves as a reminder to drive slow and safe.

"Car is replaceable not like a human being," he said.