Two Families, Two Lodi Businesses Affected by Recent Fires

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LODI -- Two families, two small businesses that threatened to take away the blood, sweat, and tears that the Costa family funneled into their kettle corn business.

"I mean it’s a family run business, so it hits home pretty hard,” Lance Costa, the manager of Costa’s Finest Kettle Corn explained to FOX40 on Friday.

Despite the setback, they are pulling through. Costa said on Saturday someone had set fire near their warehouse on Turner Road in Lodi. The smoke damaged the Twisted Barrel’s tasting room which is right next door.

"It’s been a significant hit… it’s drained everybody over here,” Gary Tanner, co-owner of the Twisted Barrell, said Friday.

Then just four days later, on Wednesday, more flames. This time, behind the warehouse, even more damage. From the outside it doesn’t look like much was damaged but inside thousands of wine bottles and goods were destroyed. Products that both businesses depended on are now gone.

Their food truck could also be out of commission where the business all began. It’s not just their family that depends on their products, organizations throughout the region use their kettle corn to raise funds. The coming weeks will be a challenge for the Costas but they, along with the Twisted Barrel are determined to move past the heartache, get back to doing what they love.

"Two small local businesses that are trying to make it and we get set back, but we’re not going to give up,” Alvin Costa, the owner of Costa’s Finest Kettle Corn said.

The Costas believe the fires were set by a homeless person trying to stay warm. Both business owners are insured but some of the damage will have to be paid out from their own pockets.