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Crooks Snatch Candy From Grocery Outlet

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OAKDALE -- This one's all trick, and no treat.

"It took them 10 minutes. They probably walked out with $500 dollars," said Kathy Laforce, owner of Oakdale's Grocery Outlet Bargain Market.

Laforce was just robbed.

"This was so deliberate," she said. "I was mad at first. I didn't sleep at all last night. I was very frustrated and mad," Laforce said.

And what were the thieves after? Candy. Chocolate bars, peanut butter cups even fancy truffles.

Store surveillance video shows them loading up bags they'd brought in with them.

"They brought their own bags. She had them stuffed in her little purse," Laforce said.

But the two thieves aren't helping out the environment. They're helping themselves.

The store surveillance video catches them pushing a cart stuffed with confection, and rushing right out the front door to a waiting get-away car. They've even got a get-away driver already behind the wheel, as they throw in the sweets they swiped, jump in themselves, and take off.

"We're a small business. We're very small. And when people steal they don't realize they're taking from families who are trying to help out the community. We have 32 employees," Laforce said.

So take a good look at the video for this story. We've included of close-up of the two faces. You may recognize them, or see them hanging around your supermarket, or maybe trying to sell candy that never was theirs to begin with.

If you do recognize them, give Oakdale police a call.