Popular Rowing Event Canceled Due to Windy Conditions

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WEST SACRAMENTO -- This weekend's storm has caused organizers to cancel the River City Rowing Club's 'Head of the Port Regatta.' The West Sacramento rowboat race was supposed to attract hundreds to compete from all over the state, but late Friday night, the decision was made to call it off.

"Our boats are fairly low to the water and have low free board and so waves are an issue for us," said Kinsey Keller, the Head Coach of the Women's Rowing Team. "Anytime the wind picks up it creates bigger and bigger waves and we're more likely to get water inside of our boats. Eventually that makes it harder to row and worst case scenario ends up filing the boats with water."

That's why the 5,000 meter race had to be canceled. The River City Rowing Club had to alert the 175 different teams from across the state not to come.

"About 23 different clubs scheduled to come from all over Northern California, Bay Area and as far away as Long Beach," Keller said.

Now those 850 competitors, as well as their families and friends won't be coming to West Sacramento, eliminating what would have been a boost in business to local restaurants, stores and motels.

"It was a fairly good sized event we're very disappointed to have to cancel it for this year but we're looking forward to next year," Keller said.