Weekend Storm Slows Down Business in Apple Hill

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PLACERVILLE -- It's the biggest time of year for Apple Hill farms, but the weekend storm is slowing down business.

The Apple Hill Growers Association said some smaller farms may shut down when it rains, while bake shops remain open.

But from the youngest fans, to the Apple Hill faithfuls a wet forecast won't get in the way of their weekend plans.

"Born and raised coming to Apple Hill a little rain is not going to stop us," said visitor Kristie Carruthers.

Customers got lucky Saturday afternoon. The rain let up giving them time to enjoy Rainbow Orchards, but traces of Friday's storm are still around.

"It was raining cats and dogs all day anything that anyone took out of here we had to cover up with garbage bags so they could get back to their car," said Christa Campbell, owner of Rainbow Orchards.

Campbell said they've seen fewer customers this weekend because of the rain, but it's a welcome change.

"Line isn't as long; kind of good for us were kind of relaxing a little today kind of a break," said Campbell.

The rain won't hurt business though. Campbell said they were busy during the week with people trying to beat the storm.