Outdoor Activities Continue Despite Soggy, Rainy Weekend

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SACRAMENTO -- It's been a soggy weekend, and the rain continued to fall in Sacramento Sunday. While many spent the day inside, some groups rode out the storm outside.

"In archery the only time we ever stop an event is if there's lightning so we shoot rain, shine, fog, any weather, it's an all weather sport," said archery coach Taylor Borges.

The Wilderness Golden State JOAD archery group came equipped with bows and arrows to Discovery Park for their annual charity event, but this weather can throw of their game.

"It's a little difficult to shoot," Borges said.

At the other end of the park was another group powering through their planned event.

"I found out on Thursday that the rain was going to come in, and that kind of made us a little upset, but I checked in with all of our volunteers and everyone was committed to it, and I felt the same way," said organizer Shane Smith.

Zen Garden Wellness organized a cleanup around the American River. Ten volunteers filled bags up with soggy trash. It's one of many events the business has planned to give back to the community, rain or shine.

The positive attitude about the rain is what keeps Smith and his crew going.

"I love the rain, I welcome it, we all need it," he said.