Man Made Off with Sentimental Jewelry During Stockton Burglary That Was Caught on Camera

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STOCKTON -- A burglary was caught on camera as a Stockton woman claims a man slipped into a window at her home and made off with sentimental pieces of jewelry.

The burglary happened on Oct. 11 on the 1900 block of Chaparral Way around 4 p.m. when the family wasn’t home. The family believes the suspect was stalking them to learn their schedule.

Armed with a glove and a white pillowcase, a strange man walks through Oksana Sandler’s family room. In the makeshift bag are more than just personal belongings, they’re keepsakes from Sandler’s family in Russia.

“Which was given to me either by my husband or by my mom that passed off from my grandma so that’s what bothers me the most,” Sandler said.

In the video you see the man climb through her family room window. Moments later, he walks out of her house with the sack full of her family’s jewelry and credit cards.

"And he basically just turned our bedroom upside down, took all the drawers out, everything out of the drawers, took every single little box that looked like a jewelry box.”

While some of the items can be replaced, the sentimental value of the jewelry cannot be replicated.

"All given to me, you know, for all special occasions; when my kids were born or when I graduated from college,” she said.

Especially the handful of trinkets from her grandma. Sandler says her grandmother passed away so the jewelry from her grandmother has a special place in her heart.

"Every time I had (the jewelry)… I remembered them,” she said.

While Sandler’s mother is half a world away, she says her mom reminded her that at least her family was not harmed.

"We’re just blessed that we’re safe,” Sandler said.

The Sandlers have filed a police report. If you have any information or recognize the man in the video please call the Stockton Police Department at (209) 937-8377.