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‘Rigged’ Rhetoric Troubles Local Election Officials

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SACRAMENTO -- For the people who collect and count ballots, the current rhetoric of a "rigged election" is troubling.

"Election officials, election administrators take pride that everything we do is transparent, and secure," Sacramento County Assistant Registrar of Voters Alice Jarboe said.

In a recent tweet, Donald Trump took a swipe at the media, something he often does, but in a new offensive, Trump said elections were being rigged at polling places too.

That's something election officials in Sacramento County say would be caught by a system checks and double checks throughout the vote counting process.

"For Sacramento County the greatest thing we have is a paper ballot. So while we report everything electronically, through electronic counting machine, we can go back to the original paper ballot and do a manual tally," Jarboe told FOX40.

And the Sacramento County Registrar's Office actually does that, with randomly selected ballots from voters in every election.

"I think it's a fear tactic," Jarboe said of the "rigged election" talking point. "You gotta trust the system."

And our election officials say their voting systems are never connected to the web,so hackers would have a tough time tinkering with results.

"You would not be able to hack your way into our voting system, because there are no portals. It's not receiving anything from the outside," she said. "It's not connected."

So is Trump's latest claim getting traction? Those FOX40 spoke with who were voting Monday in early balloting, even those with a healthy distrust for the government, said they believe our voting system itself is just as healthy.