Cheers, Jeers, Laughter: Locals React to Final Presidential Debate

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SACRAMENTO -- Millions across the country watched Wednesday night's debate, including many in Northern California.

At Mango's in midtown Sacramento, Hillary Clinton supporters played a game while watching.

"I got BINGO twice," said Victoria Scarvrough, a Clinton supporter who went out to Mango's Wednesday, getting Bingo spaces earned when one of the two candidates say words such as "Rigged."

"Phrases were mentioned, we crossed it off, so it was kind of fun," she said.

At Mango's there's little doubt about who won.

"Hillary hands down won all three debates," said Sheri Deweerd, a Clinton supporter.

"Actually not speaking gibberish, as the other candidate is," said Sherry Williams, a Clinton supporter.

But at the Brookside Restaurant and Bar near Rancho Cordova, Trump supporters saw it differently.

"Hillary is losing this debate. You can see it in her face and tell it in her answers," said Eric Paradise, a Trump supporter.

"He's staying on topic, and he is really just explaining the position," said Jeff Springer, a Trump supporter.

They feel many Americans will like Mr. Trump's plan for the economy.

"He knows how to run a business, and our country is basically a business that is in bankruptcy, and he can pull us out of it," said Brent Lyles, a Trump supporter.

"It's simply what works and what doesn't, we tried Obama's politics for the last eight years, they don't work," Springer told FOX40.

Deweerd did have at least one good thing to say about Trump's performance.

"He did not sniff loudly this time. So that's good," Deweerd said.

But despite how they feel about the candidates, supporters from both sides agreed on one thing, moderator Chris Wallace.

"I think the moderator has been neutral and asked very important questions," said Shelley Weger, a Trump supporter.

"I thought the moderator did a better job than in the first two debates," said Scarvrough.