Halloween Lunchbox Packing

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Simone is in the studio with food stylist Patty Mastracco learning how to make your kids lunches a little more fun during Halloween.

Meat and Cheese Ghosts

String cheese wrapped in thinly sliced turkey deli meat to look like ghosts. Add small pieces of raisins to make eyes.

Bat Sandwiches

Layer cream cheese and ham or turkey between dark brown bread. Cut with cookie cutters into bat shapes.

String Cheese Ghosts

Make eyes and a mouth with a sharpie on wrapped string cheese to look like ghosts.

Cheddar Pumpkin Sandwiches

Spread round slices of French bread or baguette slices with Cheddar Ranch Spread. Add an olive face and a celery stick stem.

Spooky Spiders

Top baguette slices with a bit of cream cheese. Top with a spider made from black olives.

Witches Hats

Top fudge stripe cookies with a dollop of purple orange or green frosting. Top with a chocolate kiss.


Chocolate Spider Cookies

Chocolate marshmallow cookies with pretzel legs and candy eyes.