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Popular Midtown Florist Celebrates 70 Years of Business

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SACRAMENTO -- Relles Florist in Midtown Sacramento is celebrating their 70th anniversary.

On October 19, 1949, Ross Relles Sr. sold his very first bouquet from his midtown shop.

In the last seven decades, they have sold quite a few more.

"Probably 10,000 weddings. Birthday flowers, Valentine's and Mother's day. I think it ended up being like 1 million deliveries," Ross Sr's son and current president, Jim Relles said.

This special day also falls on National "Petal it Forward" Day.

It's a day designated by the Society of American Florists, where flower shops give our two bouquets to anyone who walks buy- one for them to keep, and the other to give away.

Customers welcomed the happy surprise.

"I can't believe they've been around for that long. But obviously they're super florists, and that's why," customer, Marie Booth said. "I'm going to give it to my hairdressers, Heath Hamilton. Petal it Forward to him."

Relles said they don't have a secret formula as to how they got to 70 years. They just said it's simple business sense.

"We try to provide of course quality service, and quality products, and make people happy."

Relles Florist has 450 free bouquets ready to hand out by 1 p.m. Wednesday.