Baby Henry Massey Found, Amber Alert Canceled

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SIERRA COUNTY -- A baby was found healthy and safe in Sierra County after his mother allegedly kidnapped him in Sonoma County.

The baby, 7-month-old Henry Massey, went missing from Guerneville over the weekend.

Police recovered him and arrested his mother, 35-year-old Hannah Ashley in Downieville Tuesday afternoon.

Authorities originally got a tip Monday night that the mother's car was spotted on Highway 49, north of Grass Valley. That led police to her car near Downieville Tuesday morning.

But they couldn't find the mother or her baby until Tuesday afternoon, when a grocery store clerk spotted her.

"It was just very surreal that she would come up to this little town, but she did," said Steve Sharp, owner of St. Charles Place, a bar in Downieville.

But Ashley and Massey may not have been found if not for Sharp's part-time employee, Nicole Kaiser.

"I just knew it was her," Kaiser told FOX40.

Kaiser was at work at her other job, behind the counter at the Downieville Grocery Store, when a strange woman asked for cigarettes from her boyfriend and others out front.

"My boyfriend came in and I'm like, 'That's her isn't it?' And he said, 'I don't know.' And I just knew it was, so I left work," Kaiser said.

Kaiser and the rest of the town already knew Ashley could be around, as they saw her car passing through at 7 a.m.

"This car came flying through town at like 80 mph, and it was her car," Kaiser said.

Ashley's car was later found by police at a nearby ranch, but baby and mom were long gone. Later when Kaiser spotted Ashley outside the store, she didn't look like her Amber Alert picture, and obviously had cut and dyed her hair. And she didn't appear to have the baby. Still Kaiser said she ran after her yelling at people on the street.

"She said 'that's her, that's her,'" Sharp recalled.

"She kinda went like this, I noticed when she dropped the bag you could see the shape, there was a baby in that bag," Kaiser told FOX40.

The CHP said just as Kaiser noticed the woman, so did an undercover officer, one of many in the area since the car was first spotted Monday night. That officer jumped into action as soon as Kaiser began to call out.

"Dropped the sack and it had the baby in it. And they brought the baby over and made sure it had food and diaper, I think it was unclothed at the time," Sharp told FOX40.

Baby Henry was taken to a hospital in Grass Valley and is doing OK, according to the CHP. And while the town is praising Kaiser's actions, she's remaining modest.

"No. (I'm not a hero) not at all. Like John Wayne said, you shouldn't be rewarded for something you should already have been doing," Kaiser told FOX40.