Woman Released from Jail Tries to Break into Placerville House Naked, Deputies Say

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PLACERVILLE -- A terrifying surprise for a family in Placerville who came home to find a naked woman trying to break into their house.

The drugged-out woman then started attacking them while they waited at least 15 minutes for deputies to arrive.

The victim wished to remain anonymous but said she was attacked by a woman in the nude Friday night.

Her neighbor called her just as she arrived home from dinner with her friend and her friend's two kids all in the car.

"And she asked if I was home, and I said yeah I'm driving up my driveway now. And she says there's a woman screaming in your driveway," the victim told FOX40.

That's when they first saw 49-year-old Christi Lamica charging right at them.

"I immediately put the car in reverse and backing down slowly, and this naked woman only wearing socks came screaming down my driveway, running down screaming obscenities at us," the victim said the kids in the car were terrified. "The 8-year-old little girl in the back was screaming mommy are we going to die!? Are we going to die?!"

The neighbor had already called the El Dorado Sheriff's emergency line, but with the storm going on, deputies were swamped with other calls.

"At that time we had every unit committed to priority calls," said Lt. Jim Byers with the El Dorado County Sheriff's Office.

Almost 15 minutes passed before deputies and CHP officers arrived. In the meantime, the homeowner and her friend decided to take matters into their own hands.

"So she took another swing, and I grabbed one arm and put it in a rear wrist lock, my friend grabbed the other, and then we gently put her on the ground and put both hands behind her back... Kinda funny that two women take down another naked woman," the victim said.

The sheriff's office said Lamica had just been released from jail that day, arrested the previous night in Camino for being under the influence of a controlled substance. That same afternoon after she was out, Lamica was spotted trying to break into a different house before the homeowner chased her off. Responding deputies couldn't find her. After she was caught that night, deputies again arrested her for the same charge being under the influence of a controlled substance.

"Our hope is that we can either get her into some treatment and hopefully get her some help," Byers said.