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Bright Rooftop Lights on Golden 1 Center Draw Complaints

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SACRAMENTO -- It's Disney on Ice taking the stage at the Golden 1 Center in downtown Sacramento Saturday night.

Outside, just around sunset, there were plenty of princesses to be seen on their way in to the arena. For many, it was their first visit to the Golden 1 Center- the shining jewel in Sacramento's downtown.

Maybe a little too shiny.

"With the lights on it's a little overwhelming," Dan Drazich said.

Drazich lives at the Wong Center, a senior apartment complex. The building is just a block from the arena. And for the past three weeks, some folks who live there say they've been struggling with light pollution.

"For some residents you do have a problem because the lights are shining right into their living room or their bedroom and this is senior housing; sometimes they have trouble sleeping anyway," Drazich said.

And it's not just residents at the Wong Center who complained. Caltrans says they've gotten a couple complaints from drivers on southbound I-5.

But Saturday night, the lights didn't come all the way on. And last night, they were off by 10 p.m.

"It was nicer, because I opened my blinds like I used to have them. And it was nicer," Drazich said.

The Kings organization says they have ordered dimmers for the lights. But until those dimmers arrive, they'll leave the lights off, or turn them off by 10 p.m.