Brothers Killed in Manteca Motorcycle Crash

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MANTECA -- Family says David Craigg was happiest riding freely on his Harley Davidson, along with his younger brother Danny, who also loved to ride.

The two were inseparable -- devoted family men and loving sons.

On Sunday afternoon, David struck a brand new roundabout along Woodward and Oleander avenues, and died.

Danny followed shortly after. Both were speeding, according to police.

"David passed away. Danny survived but we're thinking he had a cardiac arrest, knowing that his brother was gone... they couldn't go without each other," their mother Barbara Craigg said with tears.

Born just 21 months apart, the brothers were fiercely close -- described as jokesters, who opened their hearts and homes to those they met along the path of life.

"We got to meet them. They accepted us in. Anytime their garage door was open, come over. Eat and drinks, every day? Every day the door is open," Anthony Oliveira, their close friend said.

They were also devoted husbands and fathers -- David had five children, Danny the father of two.

"Both of them were wonderful men who took care of their families. Loved their kids unconditionally. Loved their wives unconditionally," David's wife Julie said.

As heartbroken as family and friends are, there is some solace that they went together. Doing what they loved some much.

"We were honored to have them to raise them as your sons ... very happy to have them in our lives," their dad Randy Craigg added.

Those who would like to donate to funeral costs can do so by contacting P.L. Fry & Son Funeral Home.