Sheriff’s Office: Couple Missing in Snowy El Dorado County

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UPDATE: Rory and Susan Holloter have been found alive by El Dorado County search and rescue crews.

PLACERVILLE -- Searchers in El Dorado County are plotting out their next stops, and planning on a long night.

"We're told that the couple had some sleeping bags and some snacks. So, we're hopeful that will hold them over until we can locate them," said Sgt. Todd Hammitt of the El Dorado County Sheriff's Office. "So, we're working very rapidly to try and locate them."

Rory and Susan Holloter last made contact through text with their son around noon Sunday, saying they were stuck in the snow and asking for help.

The Yuba City couple, in their 60's, has traveled the world. It was the Sierra Nevada, the mountains in their own back yard, where they got hung up.

"We're trying to take a look at the maps with the text message that was received by their son with the somewhat directions that they had felt that they had taken," Hammitt said. "So, we're trying to match that up to the maps and we're hitting those high probability areas first, then we'll expand the search area from there."

Fifteen search and rescue professionals are riding in jeeps and preparing snow machines as well as a snow cat should the search stretch on -- and should weather make things even more difficult.

"With conditions changing rapidly, we're expecting a little more snow tonight," Hammitt said. "And, if not, then obviously freezing conditions."

As of 9:35 p.m. Sunday, officials reported that they have halted search efforts for the night and will continue again at 7 a.m. Monday.