Amazon’s Super Bowl: Tracy Fulfillment Buzzes on Cyber Monday

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TRACY -- If you snoozed through Black Friday, do not worry. Cyber Monday is here.

At the 1.1 million square foot Amazon Fulfillment Center in Tracy, more than 6,500 workers know not to miss a beat -- especially not today.

"We're offering new deals as often as every 5 minutes," Amazon spokesperson, Lori Richter said.

Cyber Monday is Amazon's Superbowl.

Last year, customers ordered 54 million items in one day, or 629 items every second.

It is incredibly challenging, but not impossible, thanks to hundreds of Amazon Robots.

"You think they're going to crash into each other. But last minute, they stop and take off in another direction," Amazon spokesperson, Craig Bergman said. "Robots are doing all the walking around work. Human beings are still incredibly good at being told pick item X, seeing item X on a shelf, and getting it on a crate."

This massive operation is something a service small businesses cannot afford to do alone, so they partner with Amazon.

"That just enables us to increase our selection and offer a wide variety of products that customers love," Richter said.

Anson Liang launched his San Mateo-based electronics company, Rowkin, last year on Amazon. His new product is the Rowkin Wireless Bluetooth with portable charger.

He is one of 2 million business owners who use the "Fulfillment by Amazon" program.

"For us, as a seller, we are able to reach more customers much quicker and easier than before," Liang said.

Rowkin is offering 20 percent off all of their products on Amazon on Cyber Monday. Amazon is also slashing prices on a variety of products all day.