Yuba City Couple who Went Missing in El Dorado County Found Alive

EL DORADO COUNTY -- The Yuba City couple that had gone missing over the weekend in El Dorado County has been found alive.

Rory and Susan Holloter told their son midday Sunday that they had gotten stuck in the snow.

"We had sleeping bags and we had food and we had water," Susan Holloter explained. "So...we did fairly well. I started to panic a little bit today. Tomorrow was going to be 'burn the tire day.' But they showed up and we're just so glad to be out of there. I just want to shower."

The couple had enough gas in their truck to run the heater intermittently for warmth.

"I'm telling them that they're not going out four-wheeling again," joked Susan's son, Dustin Cudd, after the rescue. "That's for sure."