Fairfield Fire Department Helps Deliver Baby in Bathtub

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FAIRFIELD -- The timeline was mapped out.

"I figured we'd be going to the hospital probably in the next hour," said Gary Olkowski.

And the plan was set.

"I did plan on doing everything naturally at the hospital," said Rebekah Olkowski.

Rebekah Olkowski did make it to the hospital and did have a natural birth Saturday in Fairfield but not in that order.

The couple realized baby Robin was coming fast. With no time to drive to the hospital, Rebekah made herself comfortable in the bathtub and dad Gary called 911.

"I told them 'my wife is in labor, I think she's going to have the baby here,'" he said.

Less than 10 minutes later the Fairfield Fire Department showed up.

"The head was about ready to come out, so we don't have time to move her down the stairs, and you don't want to deliver in the back of the ambulance," said Fairfield Firefighter/Paramedic Ashley Burruss.

Less than five minutes after that, Burruss and her crew of paramedics helped deliver baby Robin.

"It's very cool to be a part of a family's moment that's exciting instead of sad," said Burruss.

This experience is a first for Burruss. She said she's trained for these situations, but it was a team effort.

"The mom was awesome, she really just needed a little bit of coaching and she took control."

This healthy baby boy made his grand entrance in the world in a bathtub inside a home his family has lived in for just two weeks after Gary Olkowski was stationed in Fairfield by the Air Force over summer.

The birth didn't happen as planned, but Rebekah, Gary and their twin boys couldn't be happier.

"It turned out perfectly. Little Robin is perfect," said Rebekah Olkowski.