Man Confused After Cal Expo Police Confiscate His Drone, Says He Hasn’t Been Charged

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SACRAMENTO -- A man flies his drone over Cal Expo and has it confiscated from him, so far without being charged with any crime.

He claims he checked on Cal Expo's website first, but found no warnings saying it wasn't allowed.

Mark Munn recorded the whole interaction with Cal Expo Police with his GoPro, while flying his drone in the area.

"They provided me with this little piece of scrap paper as their form of itemization for my drone," Munn told FOX40.

Munn said this all started when he took video of his family at the Global Winter Wonderland the night before.

"I loved the whole thing, the atmosphere everything. So I got it in my mind I'm going to research, I'm going to look and see about going back with my drone and possibly getting some aerial shots," Munn said.

And he said he researched to make sure it was OK, but found nothing on Cal Expo's website about drones nor in its code of conduct.

Cal Expo released its drone policy to FOX40, which states: "Drones are prohibited on the premises or within Cal Expo's air rights without prior written approval."

A spokesperson with Cal Expo said the case has been handed over to the Federal Aviation Administration for review.

"I had to fight to get my report. And the report only ended up being an actual legitimate item list," Munn told FOX40.

The Cal Expo Police Department said it's holding the drone as evidence. But that's not what Munn's document from them states.

"This particular receipt that they gave me says that it was being held for safe keeping," Munn said.

So far Munn said he hasn't been charged with any crime, and he has no clue when he might be getting the $1,500 drone back.

"The idea that this travesty can go on to other citizens when they're doing nothing wrong, it's an innocent hobby, that's the tragedy, that's what I want to stop," Munn said.

Cal Expo Police said in the past year they've confiscated at least four other drones. But each time the FAA has only issues a verbal warning, and later returns the drones to the owner, according to CEPD.