Women Robbed After Pulling Over to the Side of the Road

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It was a nightmare come true for two young women Tuesday.

They were traveling down I-5 in Stockton when the driver behind them began flashing his headlights.

Then honked the horn.

The women told police they pulled over, thinking the driver behind them just wanted to pass them.

But that's not what happened.

"The vehicle instead pulled in right behind them. And two suspects exited the vehicle and approached the driver's side," Stockton police Officer Joe Silva said. "One suspect had his hand in his pocket and they both demanded the victim's property."

Investigators say the women handed over their cell phones, wallets, ID and keys, then the man ran back to their car and drove off.

The women weren’t hurt.

Police say you shouldn't pull over if this happens to you.

"Please, do not pull over. Drive to a safe location where there is a lot of people. Or just call the police so we can figure out exactly what this driver's doing," Silva added.

The suspects are described as Hispanic men in their 20s.

They drove a grey Toyota Camry with damage near the rear passenger side.