Do’s and Don’t’s of Travel to Cuba

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Paul is in the studio talking with Steve Marshall - CEO Cuba Ventures Corp./ - about traveling in Cuba.


1.) Tourists shouldn't drive in Cuba. They should take taxis whenever possible. If one needs to rent a car, that person should also hire a driver as well.

2.) Tourists should not get into a taxi before negotiating the rate with the driver.

3.) Tourists should not rely on using credit cards in Cuba - most American credit cards are still not usable in Cuba.


1.) Brings lots of cash, since Cuban ATMs are not wired into the U.S. banking system.

**Also, Americans should try to bring Euros into Cuba (to be exchanged for local currency the Cuban CUC pesos). Those changing U.S. dollars for local currency will be hit with a 10% penalty.

2.) Plan ahead for major tourist-friendly events

3.) Find hotel lobbies that have WiFi