Questions Remain 5 Years After Day-Old Baby was Found in Waterford Trash Can

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WATERFORD -- The flashing lights, yellow tape, signs of a crime. A heartbreaking scene from 2011 -- it’s one so many Waterford families remember.

"Just sadness. Just real sadness and ashamed that it happened to be here in our community,” Felipe Chavez, a Waterford resident said.

Inside a trash can at the Bait Barn on Yosemite Boulevard, a man looking for recyclables found a dead baby.

"Well they’re very in shock I remember that because everybody was wondering who did it?" Gonzalo Ramirez, a Waterford resident explained.

Five years later, the business still stands. Waterford remains a small, tight-knit community, and the mystery of this baby boy still lingers. Questions that never have been answered remain.

Who are the baby’s parents? Why did this happen?

"It was an incident that, an unfortunate incident that happened in our community,” Chavez said.

Detectives with the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department released new information in the hopes of finding answers.

"We now know that the baby was likely one day old and was a baby boy,” Stanislaus County Sheriff's Sergeant Anthony Bejaran said.

Investigators said the baby boy was full-term and only a day old but they have not released his ethnicity and why he died.

"We have no information as to who the parents are or why the baby was left in the garbage can,” Sgt. Bejaran told us.

However, there is some information they are holding onto. We asked if there was a blanket that was left behind or any other personal effects because they will need those clues to give the baby justice.

As for the community, they hope he is in a better place.

"Well, if they didn’t want a baby in the first place why they do what they’re doing but I’m pretty sure we’re not here to judge nobody but only God does,” Ramirez said.

The community has also come together and donated their time and money to give the baby a proper burial. The boy is interred at a cemetery in Ceres.

We also asked what kind of charges the parents could face, Bejaran said at this point detectives just want to talk to the mother and father.