Suspect Killed Following Wrong-Way Crash, Police Struggle in Elk Grove Identified

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ELK GROVE -- A wrong-way driver crashed into vehicles as he barreled down an Elk Grove street late Wednesday night, ended with a major investigation, after officers used a Taser on the driver.

He died soon after.

"What startled me, it was like a bomb had gone off. It was such a big, loud noise," resident Lillian Tercero said.

Elk Grove police initially saw the man driving a white pickup truck, heading east in the westbound lanes of Elk Grove Boulevard and called for backup.

Dispatchers had already received a 911 call reporting that the pickup was driving erratically and running red lights in the area.

The pickup continued down the street until it slammed into three other vehicles near Bruceville Road.

"I saw these three cars. I mean they were just a mess. Especially the pickup. And there was a car ... the whole front end was ripped off of it," Tercero said.

The suspect then got out and ran, as officers arrived on scene. Police caught up with him.

"He became aggressive, took an aggressive stance. He became combative. One of our officers deployed a taser," Elk Grove police Ofc. Chris Trim said.

But investigators say it had no effect. A puffy jacket he had on, apparently shielded him from the Taser darts.

So he took off again. Officers eventually confronted him as he continued to be combative. Police fired at him again with a Taser, this time hitting him.

Police say he still continued to fight, despite being down on the ground. But that all soon changed.

"At some point during that encounter he was unresponsive, our officers immediately recognized that fact and  began issuing CPR to revive him, he was later transported to a local area hospital where he was pronounced deceased," Trim said.

The Sacramento County Coroner's Office identified him as 41-year-old Daniel Landeros of Elk Grove.

"It's a shame he died. But look at all the damage he caused," Tecero added.