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UC Davis Medical Students Rally Against Trump Rhetoric

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SACRAMENTO -- Medical and nursing students from UC Davis gathered in solidarity to rally against what they're calling a "threat" of the Trump administration.

Students expressed concerns about what they feel are bigoted, misogynist, and intolerant comments and campaign promises President-Elect Donald Trump has made.

After a divisive campaign season, at a victory rally in Ohio on Thursday Trump called on Americans to move forward.

“We condemn bigotry and prejudice in all its forms. We denounce all of the hatred and we forcefully reject the language of exclusion and separation. We’re going to come together. We have no choice. And it’s better, it’s better,” he told the crowd.

Better is probably not a word those UC Davis medical students would use to describe their feelings about the Trump administration. They called Thursday’s rally “Code Blue,” an emergency of the heart.

"It was important to acknowledge the lack of safety, the fear people were feeling after the election. And to create a space in which we could talk about that, acknowledge it and move forward,” said Sameera Mokkarala.

Some, like second-year medical student Zakir Safdar, said recent rhetoric has made him so aware of his race and religion, he often makes a point to wear UC Davis logos hoping that will make him less likely to be perceived as foreign.

“If something happens to me, someone will be more likely to help me,” said Safdar.

Third-year medical student Kate Hanel said she’s recently realized it’s important to show solidarity even if she herself doesn’t feel marginalized. She believes it will make her a better citizen and a better doctor.

“I think you can take care of people better when you understand a little of where they’re coming from,” said Hanel.