Teen Killed in Stockton’s 47th Homicide of the Year

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STOCKTON -- The flickering candles, the messages of peace and love mark another life lost in Stockton.

“It’s just a shame you know,” Marcus Bandy, a resident said.

On Tuesday night a 17-year-old boy was gunned down on Oak Street. Bandy was home at the time and heard multiple gunshots.

“Put my kids down you know make sure that they was all right because you know bullets don’t have no names so you gotta make sure your family’s all right,” he said.

This is the city’s 47th homicide. This time last year, there were 44. According to the latest numbers released by the Stockton Police Department violent crime is up by almost 8-percent.

“For this year we’ve seen a slight increase in violent crime but the overall crime we have seen it decrease,” Officer Joe Silva, a spokesman with the Stockton Police Department said.

Overall crime is down by 9.5-percent a fact that officer Joe Silva chalks up to a better relationship between the Stockton Police Department and the community.

“We also want to thank our community for stepping up to the plate, reporting crime, submitting tips on whose out there with these guns, committing these crimes,” Officer Silva said.

He also credits programs like their neighborhood impact team where officers alert families of tools like Crime Stoppers after a tragedy strikes.

“We really need to come together, actually,” Lathel Jackson, a Stockton man explained.

Residents learning to set peaceful examples for the present and future generations.

“Come together, it’s about longevity, it’s about understanding, it’s about family unity and it’s about love and it’s about seeing our kids going somewhere in life,” Bandy told FOX40.