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Matt Barnes’ Arrest Looms as Kings Play the Knicks

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SACRAMENTO -- In the Kings first game against the Knicks this week, they ended up eight points down.

But the finer point that New York trip has made on the team had Matt Barnes practicing to ride the bench at the Golden 1 Center in the week's second match up -- with reports of New York police being close to putting the cuffs on him as a suspect in the choking of a woman at a nightclub there.

"I'm disgusted by what's happened to me," said Barnes accuser Jasmine Besiso in a press conference earlier this week.

How's the supposed Big Apple battle playing with Kings fans?

"I think there's always two sides; you never know. You never know. Hopefully the story sticks and he's telling the truth," said Kings fan Jess Howard. "I have faith in him and I think everything's going to be OK. I'm just bummed; I'm not gonna see him on the court."

The story Barnes is telling is that he was defending himself.

There is video of the small forward after an incident in which Jasmine Besiso claims he was entirely too forward -- coming out of nowhere, choking her into unconsciousness and then hitting her boyfriend when he tried to intervene.

Teammate DeMarcus Cousins, who was said to have been heard boasting about the fight, was also initially accused. But Empire State investigators seem to be leaning away from charging him, according to the New York Daily News.

Besiso and her boyfriend have filed a civil suit against both Kings.

"You know being a professional sports player, it doesn't look good for the team or the organization," said Bay Area Kings fan Matthew Vincent. "So I hope it works out and I hope it's not what it is."

"That's all propaganda," said Kings Fan Ivan Gutierrez when asked about the allegations.

"Let it play out in court," said Kings fan Marcell Thomas. "Innocent until proven guilty."

In the week's second face-off, Sacramento NBA franchise lost to the Knicks again, 103-100.