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Sloughhouse Residents Make the Most of Flooded Road

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SLOUGHHOUSE -- Yuliza Gomez doesn't normally make her morning commute on a tractor, but Friday, she had no choice. The Sloughhouse resident was awoken at 6 a.m. by her brother, after he found their house was surrounded by water.

"I called my uncle, and he came in his nifty little ride," Gomez told FOX40.

The Gomez family lives in one of five houses trapped by floodwater from the Cosumnes River. Only tractors and trucks could make it through the mess on Meiss Road, which looked more like a river after Thursday's storm.

"I worked all day yesterday, got off around 9 o'clock at night, and it was not anything like this whatsoever," Paul Poore told FOX40.

Poore works at the brand-new Meadowlands restaurant, formerly the Sloughhouse Inn. The building was surrounded by water when Poore arrived for work Friday morning. But he told FOX40 that he's not surprised.

"I grew up out here, I'm from Elk Grove," Poore explained. "This is pretty much the norm. We used to come through here as kids, and actually bring out little canoes and come through here. It was pretty fun."

Neighbors and employees now have to wait for the water to go down before they can make their way down Meiss Road. But some who spoke with FOX40 still managed to see a silver lining.

"This hasn't happened in a couple of years because we haven't had the rain, but I'm glad to see the rain. This is okay," Poore told FOX40.

As for riding the tractor, Gomez told FOX40, "This is really fun! I can't wait to do it when I come back."