Sacramento Woman Scared After Tire Slashed and Black Lives Matter Signs Vandalized Repeatedly

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SACRAMENTO -- This Sacramento home is festive with decorations, lights and ornaments dangling from trees.

But it's what's sitting in the grass at Kimberly Bell's home that's getting attention in the Elmhurst neighborhood.

"It's gotten to the point of ridiculous for me," Bell said.

Over the past month, her Black Lives Matter signs have been stolen or slashed four times.

"The fourth time is when I really got concerned, it did scare my son," said Bell.

To Bell, the sign and the movement are meaningful.

Her son is black and now they both feel targeted.

"He's afraid something worse than the cutting of the sign is going to happen," Bell said.

Overnight Sunday, things escalated.

Bell woke up to find her Black Lives Matter sign wasn't slashed, but her car tire was.

"I can see a slash mark here and there's a slash mark here," said Bell.

Bell says Sunday night she put a new Black Lives Matter sign in her yard, this time, with a surveillance camera pointed at it.

Instead of a slashed sign, she got a slashed tire.

"It just seems beyond a bit of a coincidence," said Bell.

The flat tire is an even bigger and more expensive inconvenience.

"I'm scared," Bell said.

Still Bell isn't ready to give into the vandals who seem to be repeatedly trying to destroy the message she's determined to display.

"I don't want to submit," said Bell.

Bell submitted the slashed tires to police and filed a report online. They told her it's not considered a hate crime.