Sac County Gun Carry Permit Applications Now Online

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SACRAMENTO -- Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones says concealed weapons permits will not be easier to get online, they will just be processed quicker.

Jones has one of the most liberal CCW policies in the state, allowing anyone with a clean record to apply to carry a concealed firearm.

About 8,493 have been issued since he took office six years ago. But the wait times can take the better part of a year because of the state Department of Justice vetting process and his own scrutiny of applications.

Now the number of in-person visits to will be cut in half because applicants can now pay fees and fill out applications online.

"It will reduce their need for two appointments down to one...It'll reduce the time of eventual decision on the matter by weeks if not months," said Jones.

In addition, the renewal of CCWs after two years can now be done online instead of in person cutting over 4,000 appointments each year. The maximum of guns allowed on a permit will go from three to five also cutting down on modified permits and red tape.

Jones chalks up the changes to customer service.
He is cognizant of critics who believe that will increase the opportunity for gun crime.

"That's not true..."the standard for issuance , the requirements and everything is exactly the same," said Jones.

Some people in the Just For Guns store in Sacrament have had to wait eight months to get a CCW approved. Owner Josh Deaser says the changes will be welcome.

"CCW holders are the most law-abiding citizens, they do it properly, they do it right...I know it's going to be very exciting, I know a lot of people will be very happy with it," said Deaser.

Some members of the Board of Supervisors have been critical of the cost of administering the CCW process because so many people have applied. The online procedures will save the sheriff's department around $240,000 a year.