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Good Samaritan Pulls Driver Involved in Fiery Fairfield Crash to Safety

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FAIRFIELD -- A fiery head-on crash in Fairfield killed two and seriously injured another Wednesday morning.

The surviving victim made it out alive because of the quick thinking of a good Samaritan who jumped into action and pulled the man out of his burning car.

Oscar Marshall was driving down Peabody Road in Fairfield early Wednesday morning after work when lights and sparks caught his attention.

"It wasn't right, so I just had to turn around, I couldn't keep driving," he said.

What Marshall drove up to was a mangled mess. An SUV and sedan were in flames after the head-on crash. He heard the cries for help from the driver of the SUV and didn't think twice about what to do next.

"He propped himself up, I tried to pull him out the rest of the way, he got to the ground, and I pulled him to the other side of the street, and his legs were still caught in flames," said Marshall.

Marshall's job didn't end there. He ran back to the sedan to help the other two victims, but it was too late.

"It was just too engulfed in flames, it was extremely hot, I couldn't get into that one," he said.

The driver and passenger of the sedan died. The driver of the SUV is severely injured but alive all thanks to the brave and very humble man.

The Fairfield Police Department is still investigating who's at fault and if alcohol was a factor. No arrests have been made.

The IDs of the victims haven't been released.