Woman Beaten, Almost Kidnapped in Stockton on Christmas

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STOCKTON -- A woman out on a walk was attacked, beaten and nearly kidnapped by a man in Stockton on Christmas.

"Kept hitting on her and hitting on her," said the victim's friend. "She said he got on top of her, she tried to get out of the car and he pulled her back in.”

The friend asked FOX40 to hide her identity because the suspect is still out there.

"I’ve never seen anybody beat down so bad. Really I never, never have,” she added.

The Stockton Police Department said the woman was on Channel and Grant Streets around 11 p.m. Sunday when a driver in a red Toyota Celica pulled up beside her and demanded she get inside the car or he would kill her.

"And he just start hitting on her and hitting on her, said he had a gun,” the friend explained.

Her friend said the victim never saw a gun; she screamed for help.

"But he broke her teeth, all her teeth, she ain’t got teeth no more,” she said.

The attack has frightened neighbors.

"You know it is pretty scary ‘cause I’m out here, you know, every night with my husband and, you know, anything can happen," Angela Menchaca, an apartment manager, said. "You can get kidnapped any day."

The victim’s friend said no one helped her when she screamed, but she she managed to fight off her attacker.

"She managed to get the door open, she got out,” the woman's friend said.

Hours after the attack, friends say the victim is in bad shape. She was hospitalized then released early Monday.

Their hope now is the attacker is caught soon. If anyone has any information about this case please contact the Stockton Police Department.