Officials Warn of Possible Flooding as Next Storm Moves In

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SACRAMENTO COUNTY -- Heavy rain then major flooding is a sight Sacramento County hasn't seen since 2005, but that could all change this weekend.

"Right now we're expecting similar trends," said Mike Kochasic with the National Weather Service.

The New Year's Eve storm of 2005 dumped four inches of rain across the county. The National Weather Service expects similar rain totals Saturday through Monday.

"That's well over what you get in a month time frame, now you're getting it in two to three days, it's quite a large amount of rainfall there, flooding could be expected," said Kochasic.

The wet weather and snow in the mountains is a combination residents have to get ready for.

"The hills are already saturated, there was a low snow recently. Rain on snow is honestly our nemesis in Sacramento County," said George Booth with the Sacramento County Department of Water Resources.

High, fast-moving rivers are a big concern, especially the Cosumnes River. Those who live and work in the Wilton area are up against Mother Nature this weekend.

"Two feet of water coming over the south bank of the levee protecting that town," said Kochasic.

The best way to beat the storm is to prepare now. The break in the rain lasts until Saturday when the storm will pick up. Experts said this is the time pack sandbags and valuables just in case.

Anyone with questions can call the county at 875-RAIN.