Thief Takes Cameras From Developmentally Disabled Production Studio

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SACRAMENTO -- The award-winning 'E + Studios' production company will have to shut down some of its operations after two of their cameras, along with other equipment, were stolen overnight.

"This is temporarily killing my soul," says program director Dennis Curry.

The studio is run out of the Developmental Disability Service Organization building and consists of staff with disabilities.

"It's really sad," says staff member Shirley Quick who is a camera operator.

The crushing blow to the studio is that one of there three cameras was stolen back in October with no resolution, and this latest heist leaves them without any cameras to shoot their television programming.

"I just told them (staff) Monday that it's time to buckle down and do this with only two cameras, so we needed to get creative," says Curry.

According to a security guard in the area at the time, the theft occurred around 3:30 a.m. Thursday.

Curry says the suspect(s) broke in through a side door that he says was locked overnight.

The Sacramento Sheriff's Department was on scene investigated Thursday morning.

The hope is that the suspect may have left fingerprints inside the studio.

Quick found out about what happened when she arrived Thursday, soon after word got around she had a simple plea for the person responsible.

"Please surrender to the police, bring the equipment back, you hurt our production program."

Director Curry says they are still going through insurance procedures for money to get back the camera stolen in October.

"We can't do this without cameras.