Heavy Rain Creates Concern for People Living Along Sacramento River

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SACRAMENTO -- After days of downpours, parts of Sacramento are underwater.

The American River has submerged Discovery Park and nearby streets.

A roof above the surface shows the depth of the water that took over the area.

"Thought I'd come down here because it hasn't been like this in 10 years," said Charles Kincaid.

Kincaid has lived in Sacramento all of his life.

He's refreshed to see a serious winter rain storm for the first time in a while.

"I think it's awesome, we've been having a drought these past couple years, so now that we've finally got some rain, it's finally starting to soak," Kincaid said.

But for some in Sacramento, when the rivers rise, so does anxiety.

A man living along the Sacramento River tells FOX40 his house completely flooded during the 1997 floods, so he built a wall 1 inch higher than the water was 20 years ago.

Tuesday water was creeping up into his backyard.

Nearby homes on Garden Highway have it much worse.

One house was completely surrounded by several inches of water.

"That's the highest part of the property and it's actually up to our steps now," said Charmain Ramos

Water has already seeped into Ramos' riverfront property.

A light post in her yard once marked the river's edge near the dock.

Now it's barely visible.

The dangerously close water has Ramos monitoring river levels closely.

"I actually stayed up all night last night and checked every two hours," Ramos said.

Ramos says her husband's relatives built their house in the '70s.

It's flooded twice already.

She's hopeful this year wont mark the third time but knows this is the downfall of living along the river.

"We knew that this was part of the package!" Ramos said