Hundreds Rally at State Capitol to Keep Affordable Care Act

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SACRAMENTO -- Local nurses and community members gathered outside the state Capitol in Sacramento on Sunday evening for the continuation of the Affordable Care Act.

"Insurance is a right, not a privilege," says Nancy Glatt.

Glatt says her daughter was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma just months after she became covered under the President Obama-led health care change.

"We would have had to sell everything we have to make sure she had a healthy life," says Glatt.

The fear among the pro-Medicare crowd is that the Republican-controlled Congress and President-elect Donald Trump will try to do away with the insurance, taking coverage away from tens of millions.

The consensus among the gathers outside the capitol is that the Affordable Care Act is not perfect and needs some tweaking, however, doing away with it or making severe changes will be devastating to many.

"If we remove the provisions for pre-existing conditions, and if we remove the provisions for keeping kids on until they are 26, those are going to have a tremendous impact," says Shingle Springs resident Cameron Poer, who attended the rally with his family.

The gathering is estimated to have had about 300 people in attendance who chanted and marched for about an hour.

Similar rallies were held elsewhere around the country.