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Manteca Resident Shoots, Kills Man Suspected of Vandalizing His Neighborhood

MANTECA -- In a Manteca neighborhood angry neighbors are finding their cars vandalized.

"My cars have been sliced numerous times," said neighbor Scott Hendrix.

Slashed tires, broken glass and damaged property are all along Sun Haven Place. Neighbors allege that a man who lives on this block is to blame. It's been happening for the last few weeks.

Early Friday morning, the neighborhood dispute boiled over.

Manteca Police said someone called to report that the suspected "tire slasher" was back. Fifteen minutes later, the same caller notified police that there was a shooting.

"I heard a little bit of yelling outside then all of a sudden I heard a guy unloading a gun," said neighbor Robert West.

Investigators said the man was shot twice and killed.

Neighbor Jody Lawhon told FOX40 the man suspected of slashing tires was shot by another neighbor.

FOX40 also spoke to the man who said he pulled the trigger. He tells us it was self-defense and calls the situation terrible.

No one has yet been arrested. The shooter is being interviewed, but neighbors said he was protecting his family.

"He was protecting his girlfriend and baby and him and his dad," Lawhon said.

FOX40 reached out to the family of man who was shot. They had no comment.