Stockton Woman Says Frontier Airlines Employee Used Racial Slurs, Flipped Her Off

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STOCKTON -- When you have to fly with a baby, you might expect the hardest part to be the flying -- keeping the little one comfortable.

But for Kiesha Fisher and her family, the problem tied to their recent flight to a family memorial service in Minneapolis was the hard landing on Frontier Airlines -- not the plane itself, but the one they say was delivered by the people staffing the Frontier counter at SFO.

"You guys lost our car seat and stroller. We have our ticket for final destination. It's not here," said Fisher.

For a family needing to drive home to Stockton from San Francisco, that was bad enough.

But Fisher says things got worse in ways she never would have imagined -- in front of the three children she was traveling with.

"She was like, 'I'm not giving you my name' and I was like, 'you have to give me your name.' She was like 'no I don't...' and that's when she like walked up and flipped me off and called me the 'n' word," Fisher said.

"It hurts to hear things like that," said Fisher's boyfriend Aaron Dydell.

Fisher was stunned, but the 31-year-old bank fraud investigator was able to snap a picture of the "flipped bird" as the situation escalated.

She claims all that happened when she pressed for another solution after a counter employee named Anna told her they had no loaner car seats and she'd just have to go to another terminal and rent one.

Asking for a manager didn't help the situation.

"He's like, 'There's nothing I can do,' and he starts laughing. So my boyfriend's like...'What's funny? Do you realize we have a 5-month-old?' This isn't our luggage. This is the baby's car seat," said Fisher.

"All we were asking for is a little help. That the car seat got lost isn't our fault. And I think they could have put a little more effort into trying to find a solution instead of just putting us out in the rain," Dydell said.

For its part, Frontier Airlines  offered this statement when asked about what Fisher and her family say they endured:

"Frontier doesn’t tolerate inappropriate behavior. Our business partner, Hallmark Aviation, has reviewed the situation and has suspended their employee pending further investigation."

Hallmark is contracted to operate as Frontier at SFO and did not return FOX40's calls for comment.

"In front of our kids though... you know what I'm saying? That's the part that hurt me. They don't need to hear that and not in 2017," said Fisher, tears brimming in her eyes.

"To call us the 'n' word it's so hurtful. I'm holding back tears 'cause I don't want to cry 'cause I've never dealt with that. I'm the biggest promoter of 'we live in California, we don't face that kind of stuff.' And now I don't know if I can be that advocate anymore," she said.

Thanks to the picture shared on Facebook, Frontier employee Anna has been recognized by many posters who've said they've had similar problems with her at SFO.

Fisher and Dydell do want to give kudos to the first Frontier employee they encountered in the baggage area, Miranda.

They say she was very professional and tried to apologize for Anna's behavior and that of the manager, but was supposedly shouted out by Anna to "not apologize to that 'n' word."

After six extra hours spent at SFO Monday, Fisher and her family were finally able to get home thanks to a friend who drove from Modesto to bring them a car seat.