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Investigators: ‘Hoax’ Explosive Found at Yuba City School

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YUBA CITY — Tense moments at a Yuba City School, after a possible explosive was found near one of the classrooms.

“This is frightening, to get a phone call and know there’s something, a bomb or whatever it can be,” Judith Jensen said, who picked up her three children.

“We take everything serious. Most likely, it’s not any type of explosive,” Sutter County Undersheriff Jeff Pierce said. “But to be on the safe side, and on safety, we went ahead and activated EOD to take care of that problem.”

Investigators say a custodian found a bag on campus at Andros Karperos School, and saw something suspicious inside.

That was before noon.

Shortly after that – they evacuated the entire school.

Students, K through eighth grade, were bused to a nearby church, where parents were waiting to pick them up.

“There was a lot of panic especially nowadays with everything going on,” said Tiffany Bruce, who picked up her daughter and two nieces. “It’s very, very nerve racking to say the least.”

Then, the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department’s bomb squad was called in to help.

In the end, investigators determined there was no bomb, but rather what they called a “hoax device.”

A big relief for parents, students and staff, who waited anxiously for this all to be over.

“Oh my gosh, your heart is beating and you don’t know what’s happening. But hey. Luckily we’re good. We’re safe and we’re together,” Jansen added.