MLS Application Bid Submitted Without Sacramento Republic FC Team Name

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SACRAMENTO -- It's what Sacramento soccer fans have been waiting for -- a bid to bring a major league team to the capitol city.

But now some are "disheartened" after learning the long awaited bid submitted to MLS on Tuesday doesn't include the team's name "Sacramento Republic FC."

"It really feels like the people bringing the money to the table to make it happen are taking over and not really valuing what has been built here already," said Sacramento Republic FC Fan, Nicolas Kranz.

The name is owned by team founder Warren Smith and according to reports, lead investor Kevin Nagle doesn't control the rights to the brand.

Smith issued a statement Wednesday, stating that "Republic is more than just a name."

"It is the essence of both why and how we built Sacramento Republic FC -- for our fans, by our fans," the statement read. "The principle that will guide us in our meeting tomorrow, as it has in prior meetings with Mr. Nagle and Mayor Steinberg, respectively, is our commitment to make Sacramento a better place to live, work and play through the beautiful game. We are Republic FC and Sacramento is our home."

The two haven't been able to reach an agreement to move forward.

Mayor Darrell Steinberg is trying to change that.

"I've got to do everything in my power to bring the parties together and to say your interests may be important but the cities interest and the community's interest come first," Steinberg said.

Steinberg calls this a "kerfluffle" and doesn't think it will hurt the city's chances of getting an MLS team.

"We'll look back at this and say this was a minor blip on the screen here and a minor obstacle," Steinberg said.

Sacramento Republic FC released a statement about the conflict, saying Nagle omitting the team's name from the bid is "in violation of our agreements and without our authorization; and we will take this up with the appropriate parties immediately."

"We have the utmost respect for SRFC and firmly believe that we further strengthen our case by presenting a united front with them," said Nagle in response to those concerns.

As the two sides continue to battle this out, many loyal fans are vowing not to support an MLS team in Sacramento that isn't Sacramento Republic FC.

"We won't take tower bridge battalion to support a team that's not republic," said Brian Trainer, president of Tower Bridge Battalion.