Sacramento County Braces for More Storm Damage

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SACRAMENTO -- The destruction of January's wet weather is fresh on the minds of many, especially those still cleaning up the mess left behind.

Wind and rain knocked over a massive tree on a Carmichael home Rick Saccone rents out to tenants. Two weeks later the tree is still there. Now Saccone worries about water damage with this next round of rain.

"There's nothing I can do until the tree is removed from the house," he said. "We can't repair the house, we can't even analyze the house."

Water pooling on Sacramento County streets is a reminder of what could happen when a storm hits.

Dartmouth Drive in Sacramento backs up to Arcade Creek. Sacramento County gives the neighborhood its own pile of sand for sandbagging. Some worry about flooding.

"In case that creek rises, you never know," said Dartmouth Drive resident, Shannon Bentine. "A couple days of rain and it's already looking like it'll flood. It's very scary."

Others have confidence this storm won't be bad, but still have their sandbags around just in case.

"That's why I didn't put them back, so I've got them stacked there ready to go," said resident Butch Wilson.

With wet weather, gusty winds and even a chance of thunderstorms expected on and off over the next week, even the bravest are ready.

"We have flood insurance so at least that helps," Wilson said.