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Businesses Battle Wet Weather; Prepare for More

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EL DORADO COUNTY -- From the Foothills to the Sierra, businesses are dealing with the aftermath of continuous rainfall while preparing for more wet weather.

A mixture of mud, snow and water covers the walkway of the Sierra Inn in Kyburz. The series of storms in the last few weeks caused a small mudslide from a hill in front of the inn.

Sierra Inn manager Alfonzo Cruz had no choice but to shut down the bottom floor of the business back in January until the mess was cleaned, but it's taking longer than expected.

"A lot of stress," said Cruz.

The non-stop rain and snow in the Sierra makes mopping up tough. Once they start to clean, another round of winter weather hits.

Cruz said, "This is the first time, I've worked here for eight years it's never happens."

The manager isn't alone. Sixty miles away, Jackson's National Hotel has its own flooding concerns.

A wall of sandbags blocks Jackson Creek from creeping over the hotel's parking lot.

"If you went around to the back of this building we have a storage shed called the dungeon it's about 10,000 square feet but you have to swim to get to it today," said hotel owner Stanley Lukowicz.

The wet start to the new year isn't quite over yet, even though some wish it was.

"I can hardly wait for it to be summer and over with I almost feel guilty saying that but it's been a bit too much," said Sandy Anderson who lives in Sutter Creek.