Potholes Slow I-580 Commute to a Crawl

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LIVERMORE -- It was a frustrating commute for drivers on the Tracy Triangle Wednesday morning.

"Thirty miles turned into three-and-a-half hours, just to get right here," truck driver, Anthony Thomas said. He had just finished unloading a truck full of popcorn kernels from Nebraska, only to get stuck on 580 westbound.

At around 3:30 AM, the California Highway Patrol responded to reports of giant potholes on the Greenville Road overpass. When officers first got on scene, they already found 15 cars with blown out tires. That is when they called Caltrans.

Caltrans immediately shut down two of the four lanes. They said the rebar was the only thing keeping the road together after the top layer of concrete failed.

In fact, this is the exact portion of I-580 that is already under construction. Caltrans was in the preparation stage to get the Altamont area fully repaved. That is, until nature sped up the process.

As for Thomas, he said he will rest near the Greenville exit until he is dispatched again. He said there is no way he is getting stuck in that parking lot, any time soon.

"Sit here and wait it out until I figure out my next destination is, There is no need for me to drive 30 miles up to a truck stop. And then I get a load that is coming up this way, because I don't want to fight that again," Thomas said.

Roadwork was expected to wrap up around 4 p.m.