Snow and Rain Leave Parts of South Lake Tahoe Underwater

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SOUTH LAKE TAHOE --This is South Lake Tahoe's struggle.

Thick mounds of snow and ice, piling up in residential neighborhoods, blocking drains and creating puddles and ponds in places they shouldn't be.

"It's stressful!" said Deb Graham.

Graham is one of many enduring the uphill battle of pumping out water from her house and driveway -- only to watch more flow in.

"Every time we stop it builds right back up," said Graham.

Deb walked around to check on her neighbors.

Some fared worse than others.

At one house, a private snow removal company worked to clear the thick cement-like mounds of snow that send water inside.

"Inconvenient, absolutely," said Bob Spaulding.

Spaulding's subfloor is flooded with eight inches of water, and it's cold inside.

"In the master bedroom we don't have heat, so it's a little chilly back there," said Spaulding.

CHP South Lake Tahoe says the combination of rain and snow is creating the problems.

"If we didn't have all this snow, maybe not so much, and it would drain properly and drain the places it needs to drain to but, unfortunately, with the snow it just hasn't been able to do that," said Officer Ruth Loehr with CHP South Lake Tahoe.

The county has crews out 24/7 looking for flooded spots.

"Rain and snow don't go together," said Joe Setsodi.

Locals like Deb and Bob would choose the latter any day.

And they're hoping they get their wish.

"Now were praying for snow Friday!" Deb exclaimed.