Flash Flood Warning Issued for Sacramento County

SACRAMENTO COUNTY — A flash flood warning has been issued for Sacramento County following a watch from Saturday.

The back side of Tyler Island (viewer photo)

The back side of Tyler Island (viewer photo)

Tyler Island will be flooded and Walnut Grove east of the Sacramento River could potentially experience flooding as well. They have been affected by a levee that failed at the Mokelumne River Saturday around 8 a.m. Residents of Tyler Island are urged to leave the area.

The McCormack-Williamson Tract, situated near the downstream portion of the Mokelumne River delta, was filling and flooding the surrounding area. In the case of rising water levels, and if waters were to breach an additional southern levee and flow into lower Snodgrass Slough and Mokelumne River forks, the islands’ levees had the potential of failing.

The original watch also listed Staten Island as a possible area for a flash flood.

The warning is scheduled to expired 11:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Officials with the Sacramento County Department of Water Resources and San Joaquin County are monitoring the rising waters.

In case of possible levee failure, officials say that residents should be monitoring weather updates and warnings and be prepared to evacuate in a moment’s notice.