Body of Jayda Jenkins Found in Alameda Creek

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TRACY -- For those who knew Jayda Jenkins, the young woman was a warm, smiling presence in Tracy -- a community member who will be greatly missed.

“Honestly, it like, she was one of my favorite people,” Alexis Leschinsky, a friend of Jayda told us.

On Thursday, a man walking his dogs found a body near the Alameda Creek. Less than 24 hours later, investigators with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office confirmed it was Jenkins.

“This has been a very long two months for her family, as well as for us. We’ve been very invested in this missing case, both professionally and emotionally,” Ray Kelly, a spokesperson for the Alameda County Sheriff’s office said.

Jayda’s father, CJ, told FOX40 off-camera, “We’re happy we have some sort of closure. We’ll be happy to move forward and start the healing process.”

It was Jan. 21 that the 18-year-old went missing after a car crash near the Alameda River. Her vehicle was found days later but there was no sign of the young woman. Weeks of searches, prayer and vigil led to Thursday’s discovery.

“More importantly, her family has not been able to sleep worrying about where she is,” Kelly said.

Now, the community of Tracy is grieving. Former classmates at her alma mater, Millennium High School, were saddened to hear the news. Educators told us they had a moment of silence for her on Friday morning.

“She was amazing,” Leschinsky explained.

Students who knew her said she was a great softball player but an even more amazing friend and person.

“Even if she didn’t know them she’d… like, if she saw that you were sad, she would always be there for you,” Leschinsky said.

The Chief of the Tracy Police Department also shared his condolences to the family on the department’s Facebook page. The community has been fundraising to help the family through this GoFundMe page.