Burglars Steal Ammunition from American Legion Karl Ross Post in Stockton

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STOCKTON -- Another hole to patch, another wall to fix after volunteers with the American Legion Karl Ross Post in Stockton said three burglars struck on Sunday, all caught by a surveillance camera.

The first man is seen pulling away at a vent for 45 minutes around 3 a.m. Once the hole is big enough, he crawls inside, then minutes later, walks away with a garbage bag full of stuff.

About sixteen hours later, another burglar showed up. Then again around 8 p.m. and once more at 11 p.m. More bags, more stuff.

However, it’s not the hats, jackets, pots and pans that were taken that alarms Commander Ted Winkelman. It’s the three cases of ammunition now missing.

“Here is where I had three cases of 30 caliber blanks. Now, they’re blanks!” Winkelman said.

The commander said those blanks are usually used for honor guard ceremonies, a way to commemorate a fallen service member.

“That is a lot of gunpowder and that is dangerous,” Winkelman said.

In the wrong hands, those blanks are now weapons.

“These guys, they’re going around you know with my ammunition, and they can make three or four pipe bombs,” he said.

As for who these men are, Winkelman said he has one clue. In the surveillance footage you see the burglars make their way toward a known homeless encampment. While fed up, volunteers said all they can do now is continue to protect their post.

“The only thing I can think to do is have an armed guard and shoot him when they come on the ground. But that’s not right,” Winkelman said.

Investigators with the Stockton Police Department were also out at the post on Tuesday. They removed a shoe dropped by one of the burglars. If you have any information please contact the Stockton Police Department by calling (209) 937-8377.